Take A Ride - Track 9 - Overlord / The Athol Highlanders

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Overloard / The Athol Highlanders - 1:23  |  Morse / Traditional

Instrumental - The Athol Highlanders is the Regimental March Past of the North Nova Scotia Highlanders performed here by piper Robbie MacInnis.

© Copyright 2011 Ghostrider and The Allied Horns

June 6th, 1944, D Day, the Allied invasion of Europe, code-named Operation Overlord. The Athol Highlanders was the Regimental March Past of the North Nova Scotia Highlanders. It is performed here by Pictou County piper Robbie McInnis.

The motto for the Regiment is the gaelic "Cos Cheum Nach Gabh Tilleadh" which translates to "Our foot steps will not allow us to go backward", abbreviated to "No Retreating Footsteps".

The first foreign flag to fly in occupied Germany was the Nova Scotia flag which was erected by the "North Novis". Interestingly, the Nova Scotia flag is the oldest flag in the British Empire, created in 1625, over 150 years before the current Union Jack was adopted by England replacing the Cross of Saint George. - PM