Take A Ride - Track 12 - Epilogue

© Copyright 2011 Ghostrider and The Allied Horns
Epilogue - 4:34  |  Morse SOCAN/BMI

I didn't know Chester had a son,
I didn't know he had that old bike
I guess that it just goes to show
never know what some folks hold down deep inside.

Then he said maybe we could get her flashed up
and you could take her for a little ride
ah, never mind that autumn chill on the air,
why that'll only make you feel alive.

Least that's what the young fella used to say
and he sure rode her with a lot of pride...
won't you ride her with...pride...

© Copyright 2011 Ghostrider and The Allied Horns

Epilogue. The final verse and companion piece to Chester and The Old Indian. The tune begins with an airy recitation and then launches into a three and a half minute emotionally driven, improvised guitar solo. This track was captured in a single take, the one and only take. I explained to the band  that I wanted a simple, captivating three chord progression over which I could wind out. I thought it would be fun to include a slice of retro "guitar-magaddeon" because it seems so rare these days. - PM