Ghostrider's Debut Album - Take A Ride


Paul Morse - Vocals, Electric Guitars, 6 and 12 String Acoustic Guitars, Resonator Guitar, Harmonica.
Mike Jackson - Hammond Organ, Piano, Synth.
Paul Tupper - Acoustic Guitar, Fiddle, Banjo.
Dan Bowers - Fender Bass.
Bruce Murray - Drums.
Kenny MacKay - Tenor and Soprano Sax, Clarinet.
Andrew Alcorn - Trumpet, Piccolo Trumpet.
Paul Barrett - Trombone.
Diane MacNeil  - Background Vocals and Percussion.
Janice Alcorn - Background Vocals and Percussion.

Also Starring: Doris Mason - Piano on The Silvertone Seven. Lew Jenkins - Pedal Steel. Robbie MacInnis- Bagpipes.

Produced, written and arranged by Paul Morse.  Engineered, mixed and mastered by Al Strickland. Recorded at Heartstring Production Studios, Halifax, NS, Canada.

Take A Ride - Your invitation to an adventurous journey that traverses music genres and spans multiple generations of influence. The diverse and dynamic arrangements and performances take the listener from story to story along well worn paths that seem oh so familiar yet with twists and turns reminiscent of the epic albums of yesteryear to stimulate one's musical senses.

Starting with the classic rocking blues title track Take A Ride the album takes a quick turn toward East Coast electric folk represented by Ode to Willard. Moving on we swing into The Electric Avenue Ballroom and bop jump jive with the The Silvertone Seven. Gear down and find yourself in the cab of a late night Freightliner easing down a rainy highway all the way back to Pictou Town with Before I Change My Mind. Next the asphalt gives way to dusty back roads and the simple pleasure of country living with Hillbilly Blues.

Nearing the half way point we throttle up and race along to Hey, Eugene and then kick it down with In Her Heart. The power of Westray Trilogy takes you on a gut-wrenching emotional experience that concludes with a high energy memorial to 26 lives lost.

Overlord- The Athol Highlanders - the ominous drone of the bagpipe drifts over the battlefield and sets the stage for the tribute to the North Nova Scotia Highlanders (The North Novie's) and their WWII heartbreaks and heroics in North Nova Blues.

Heading towards home we stretch out with a classic melancholy ballad about a father, a son and a motorcylcle with Chester and the Old Indian, but the story doesn't end there. The Epilogue sets us on a reflective journey that closes out the final chapter yet beckons us to once again - Take A Ride