Band Bios

Ghostrider is comprised of 10 seasoned musicians that deliver a full and rich listening experience on record and on stage that embodies the term "old school" in ways that seem refreshingly new in approach. The long journey each has travelled has led to this crossroads which has produced a truly unique group that has been steadily gaining fan support.

We invite you to learn more about each member, their early beginings, the subsequent years that shaped their talents and attitudes which reflect their "keeping it real" approach that makes Ghostrider what it is today.


Paul Morse - Lead Vocals & Guitars

Born in New Glasgow, NS Paul is Ghostrider's energetic front man and founder. He began playing the bass at age 12 and also discovered a natural ability for playing the drums at that time. At age 14 Paul also began playing the acoustic guitar and harmonica, progressing on to electric guitar at 17.

His teen years saw him play in a number of bands and he then began playing the bars in a group called Road Horse. In 1990 he formed the Paul Morse Band and appeared live coast to coast on Much Music with Erica Ehm. He was a regular on the southern Ontario Blues circuit with this act for much of the 90s as well as playing throughout Atlantic Canada.

Following a 1999 accident Paul took a 10 year hiatus from the music business. He formed Ghostrider in early 2009. Paul has been an avid song writer in the folk, blues and rock genres for the past couple of decades and many of his compositions are featured on the band's Debut CD "Take A Ride". In addition to writing and arranging the project Paul also took on the role as Producer which was an experience he enjoyed very much.

Mike Jackson - Piano & Organ, Background Vocals

Born in Halifax, NS Mike began playing the piano as a teenager. During his teen years while playing in various high school bands Mike fell in love with the Hammond organ / Leslie sound. This affection was probably spurred on by his love for the blues and the Allmann Brothers Band. Mike continues to play and collect Hammond/ Leslie gear and is quite an accomplished harmonica player as well.

Following high school he went on the play the bars in a number of popular Halifax rock bands and blues bands and has been a sought after free lance keyboardist. Mike joined Ghostrider in 2009 and his keyboard tones and talent are an integral part of the bands big sound.

Paul Tupper - Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Fiddle, Mandolin, Pedal Steel, Background Vocals

As a native of rural Pictou County Paul emerges as Ghostrider's newest member. Morse and Tupper are old buddies from days gone by. The two Pauls are looking forward to performing/creating together as the project moves forward.

"Tupper" began playing the violin at age 11 and began playing guitar in Junior High. He went on to study Jazz Guitar at St. F.X. University and has been involved in music over the years in a variety of ways including teaching, performing, and recording. 

Ghostrider is pleased to have Paul's vast array of talents and "down-to-earthness" contributing to the stylistic diversity that is Ghostrider. 

Dan Bowers - Fender Bass, Background Vocals

Dan was born in Halifax, NS and started playing the trumpet at 9 years of age and would continue to do so until he switched to the bass at age 14. Dan also spent his teen years playing in various bands and honing his skills before moving on to the bar circuit throughout the Maritimes.

As a bass player and being part of the rhythm section, Dan enjoyed partnering with some fabulous drummers over the years such as Dave James, Charlie Cooley, Jackie Harris and John Alphonse. Dan is a solid, in-the-pocket player and occasionally lets loose with a funk-inspired solo during live performances. He plays Fender jazz and precision basses and runs them through a vintage 1974 Acoustic 360 Amp and Transducer Cabinet which houses an 18" Cerwin Vega speaker.

Bruce Murray - Drums, Background Vocals

Born in Halifax, NS, Bruce moved to London England as a child. He actually saw Jimi Hendrix perform in Hyde Park London in 1967 at age 4. Interestingly, Bruce shares Hendrix's birth date. Bruce returned to Halifax where he enrolled in Junior High and began playing the drums at this time. Following High School Bruce went on to Dalhousie University where he obtained a B.A. in Music all the while playing in bar bands.

After University Bruce played professionally for most of the 80s then moved to Vancouver, BC. He played on the west coast as well for a few years and then moved to Pictou, NS where he began his career as a commercial photographer and played part-time.

Ghostrider Blues Band and The Allied Horns obtained Bruce in July 2009 and continue to enjoy his sense of humor and fabulous skill set on the drums.

Diane McNeil and Janice Alcorn - Background Vocals & Percussion

Diane and Janice both began singing at a very young age in their church choirs. The ladies enrich each performance with their fabulous harmonies and percussion work.

Diane continued singing throughout her childhood and teens years growing her musical passion for both singing and guitar playing. Diane's powerful vocal on it's own is quite capable of bringing the roof down.

Janice gave her first public performance at age 4. Following high school Janice obtained a BA in Music and currently teaches High School Dance and Music. She is a sought-after choir conductor, vocal coach and music festival adjudicator in solo, group and big band categories.

Ghostrider welcomes the ladies to the stage whenever possible and their addition completes the full rich sound Ghostrider's ten-piece ensemble delivers to the stage.

Andrew Alcorn - Trumpet, Background Vocals

Born in Antigonish, Nova Scotia Andrew began playing the French Horn at age 11 and Trumpet at 19. He attended the St. F.X. jazz program and obtained a B.A. in Music and also has a diploma in Jazz Studies.

Following university Andrew moved to Toronto for a couple of years and played in several bands before returning to Nova Scotia where he began his career as a high school music teacher.

Andrew has played and free lanced with many popular east coast bands in the jazz, latin, swing, and blues genres. He has appeared on numerous recordings and worked as an arranger on many projects.

Many of Andrews' students have gone on to play in a multitude of musical and theatrical productions across the country.

Kenny MacKay - Soprano & Alto Saxophone, Background Vocals

Kenny began performing with Ghostrider in 2010 and was also featured on the "Take A Ride" CD.

Over the past several decades he has played in an absolute multitude of groups & music projects in the Jazz, Rock, Blues, Latin & Swing genres. A music educator by profession, he has been a sought after freelance performer by many acts & artists, both on stage and on record. In addition to being a fabulous saxophonist, Kenny also plays clarinet and flute. Most certainly one of the top sax men in Atlantic Canada, Kennys' talent is equaled only by his incredible wit & sense of humour. The band is thrilled to have Kenny along for the "ride".

Gene Smith - Slide & Valve Trombone, Background Vocals

A native of Grand Rapids Michigan, Gene took a position at St. F.X. University in Antigonish, NS in 1985 where he has been a professor for over 25 years in the renowned St. F.X Jazz Program.

In the past Gene spent a great deal of time performing on the New York City music scene as well travelling to other major American and Canadian cities. He has performed with a long list of diverse band leaders and orchestras over the years and has shared the stage with legendary superstars such as Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin and the Woody Herman Orchestra to name a few.

Gene also began playing with Ghostrider and The Allied Horns in October 2011. The band welcomes the addition of Gene's experience, tone and power.