About The Band

Ghostrider is made up of a group of seasoned musicians from Nova Scotia, Canada and features players from Pictou County and Halifax and brings you two distinct acts : the 10 pc. Ghostrider & The Allied Horns and the 5 pc. Ghostrider Blues Band. Both ensembles consist of a core band and are fronted by guitarist/vocalist Paul Morse and in either situation, Ghostrider delivers the high energy show that they have become known for, seamlessly transitioning from one song to the next and occasionally "whoa-ing up" to engage with the audience and then rev them up again.
Ghostrider & The Allied Horns features a 3 pc. horn section and two female back up vocalists and deliver that high energy blend of rock, R&B and swing/blues that keep the dance floor full from the first song to the inevitable encore. Their concert/festival show is a mix of rock/blues/R&B and original material. 2011's Take A Ride was Ghostriders' debut album and featured exclusively material written by front man Morse. Highlights from the disc include Ode To Willard, Hey, Eugene...Take A Ride and the epic Westray Trilogy, the latter becoming popular amongst Scottish and Welch coal miners as well as those closer to home.
Ghostrider's original material is a high energy blend of rock, blues, country and folk music composed and arranged by Paul Morse and blended together by the band in unqiue and exciting ways. From foot-stompin' road house rockers to an occasional heartfelt and introspective ballad, Ghostrider is sure to captivate the listener and truly appeals to music fans of wide ranging musical tastes and ages. The Ghostrider fan has shown itself to be as diverse as the band and is represented by teenagers, their parents and even grandparents; from the casual music listener to musicians and industry professionals - strangers and friends alike unifed by the appreciation of "good music".
Ghostrider's originals combined with fresh arrangements of horn-fired classic rhythm and blues as well as rock and swing/blues numbers always keep the crowd hopping.  The group is not satisfied to take to the stage and leisurely run through it‘s repertoire but rather they take pride in putting on a show each and every time out.
Ghostrider would welcome the opportunity to bring their high energy show to your concert/festival, corporate event or beverage room. The group performs a limited number of engagements annually so it is best to book in advance.
Ghostrider performs primarily in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island and can be seen at a variety of festivals and events throughout the year. 
Ghostrider Blues Band delivers high energy electric blues and is definitely not "your mamas blues band". No dinner club or cabaret blues here. Quite the contrary and as one observer noted, "you won't fall asleep while this band is onstage"...and that energy can be found on 2014's House Rockin' which features 13 tracks of classic blues, some lesser known gems and one throw back to a 70's British Guitar God. The tracks were rearranged Ghostrider style in a contemporary, upbeat, rockin' blues collection that is truly satisfying to music fans and blues fans of all stripes.
Ghostrider & The Allied Horns originally formed as a blues band in July 2009 but soon became one of the areas most popular dance/party bands.
This transpired innocently enough as the group expanded its repertoire while being called upon to perform bar shows and dances. When it came time to record the bands debut album, Paul opted to record an all original disc of his own music rather than a "blues" album. It was a decision that weighed heavily, but given the response by fans of the album, it was a decision that came with a happy ending.
Ghostrider Blues Band was borne out of Pauls' desire to get back to playing the music he so enjoyed performing in his earlier years. Straight - up, in-your-face, guitar-driven, rockin' blues. By no means a traditional blues band, Ghostrider has a certain edge to their sound and delivers a high-energy show,no doubt fueled by Pauls admiration for and influence by guitar greats such as Johnny Winter, Jimi Hendrix, S.R.V., Otis Rush, Buddy Guy, Albert King, Gary Moore, Robin Trower, Freddie King and countless others.
"I've always tended to gravitate toward the "nastier" blues/rock guitarists, guys with a lot of angst and emotion in their playing. I love composing and arranging original music of various styles from a creativity point of view but equally enjoy digging in to the blues and just "playing" in a less structured and arranged format".
The band features Morse, Jackson, Bowers and Murray and sax man Kenny MacKay as an option. The band also features the full horn section on occasion for concert/festival shows under the banner "Ghostrider Blues Band & The Allied Horns".
As mentioned in Pauls bio, he spent most of the 90's performing throughout Atlantic Canada and on the southern Ontario blues scene and has performed with and/or been billed alongside blues artists such as, Downchild Blues Band, Matt "Guitar" Murphy, Tony D, Derek Trucks, Jeff Healey, Morgan Davis, Pat Rush, Chicago Pete, Paul James, Jack DeKeyser, Chuck Jackson & The All Stars, The Meteor Horns, Sue Foley, Pat Savage, Danny B, Rita Chiarelli, Ray "Taff" 

Williams & Gary Pickford-Hopkins (UK),and Chris Duarte to name a few...and East Coast greats Dutch Mason, Matt Minglewood, Carson Downey Band, John Campbelljohn, John Lee, Joe Murphy, Doris Mason, Abby Aucoin Blues Band, Wayne Nicholson,... and many more.
Paul met legendary Quebec blues man Stephen Barry while on the road in the mid 90's in Kingston, Ontario where they were both playing the same club and explained to him that he was more of a "rockin' blues" player than a "traditionalist"... to which Barry replied, "well, that's the way you guys do it on the East Coast isn't it" ?
If you are interested in booking "Ghostrider Blues Band" for an appearance at your event or venue please do so through our Contact Forum.